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Stop throwing away money on a rented storage space when you can make a real estate investment in Paddock1.

Here's why:

This is property you own.

Real estate is often a safe investment

that will increase in value over time

Storage units have a proven track record

as a stable investment during economic downturns

Passive Income: your unit can be leased to others.

(subject to minimum term and tenant approval)

No more monthly rental payments

no more yearly rent increases, or contract renewals

Flexible uses that most rental units do not offer

or allow

Maximize tax benefits

Owning a Unit with Paddock1 could allow you to maximize tax benefits (consult with a tax professional)

Expenses for improvements can increase the value

of your unit and be recaptured at the time of sale

Asset on personal financial statement

Owning a Paddock1 premium garage condo is a asset on your personal financial statement

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