Keeping Your Car Investment Perfect Using an Indoor Car Storage

A luxury or exotic car is an investment and, as an investment, its value must be either maintained or increased using indoor car storage. Learn how to do that with this guide!

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Investing in a beautiful car that you know will increase in value someday is a big decision.

That’s why it’s so important to take extra care of your investment vehicle. From keeping it in indoor car storage to making sure all of the parts stay in top condition, caring for an expensive car is a pastime that requires plenty of care and attention.

Valuable things need to be protected. 

We spend our childhoods meticulously sliding our collectible cards and stamps into protective sleeves. Entire museums are built for the dedicated purpose of housing artworks and artifacts because of their value. Your luxury car needs that same care if it is to retain or increase its value.

In this article, we’re going to tell you exactly how to keep your investment perfect. Read on to find out more.

It’s Important to Care For the Vehicle

The least you want to do with a high-value car is maintain its value. The ideal scenario involves an increase in what your car is worth. There are some important things you need to think about taking care of:

  • The bodywork
  • The interior fittings
  • The engine, gearbox, and internal mechanics

Several different things can affect these parts of the vehicle, and all require special attention. Maybe the upholstery needs regular refreshing to stay in good shape, or perhaps the paintwork will be at its best with periodical polishing.

Make sure you do your research about what your car needs. Extended amounts of time spent accruing value might sound harmless and simple to achieve, but it’s more complex than it sounds. The elements can have a significant effect on your car over a long period.

Indoor Car Storage Is Vital

There are many things you can control when keeping a car for a long time to increase its value. But the weather isn’t one of them. 

For those who own luxury cars in areas around St. Pete and Clearwater Beaches, there are important considerations to make when trying to keep it safe. The air close to the sea hosts large amounts of airborne salt, which can wreak havoc on the bodywork of your prized investment. The composition of the air in these regions is known to corrode car parts, so you must keep your vehicle somewhere safe.

Keeping a car outdoors and having it increase in value are two mutually exclusive events. There are simply too many risk factors when it comes to exposing your investment to the great outdoors. That’s why you need a car condo.

A specialized facility like Paddock 1 can provide the best car storage in Tampa. 

It’s the ideal place for exotic car storage or protecting your custom vehicles. With customizable condos that you can design yourself for a luxury experience that matches your car, you can be sure that their climate-controlled garage will protect your investment for a long time to come.

The expertly designed garage spaces at Paddock 1 serve a clear purpose: keep your car perfect. At the Louvre, the Mona Lisa gets stored in a secure, climate-controlled casing that preserves the art. At Paddock 1, the same principles have been applied to create somewhere that is ideal for keeping your car in the best shape.

From garage doors that can withstand hurricanes to air conditioning that controls the interior climate, Paddock 1 car condos have been purpose-built to house and protect your car.

There’s no way for extreme weather, unexpected impacts, or ill-intentioned vandals to get to your car when it’s locked away in a luxury garage condo. With a garage that can cut out all wear and strain placed on the car’s materials, it’s sure to stay in the tip-top condition that you work hard to keep it in.

Get Your High-Value Car to a Safe Indoor Space Today

It’s the best thing you can do to ensure its safety. Keeping the value on a precious car is tricky, but having it stored somewhere that is designed to keep it fresh is bound to reduce the burden of such a special investment.

To take a closer look at the best indoor car storage out there, contact Paddock 1 today.

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